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The Game – Part 3 of 3

Read Part 2 Here Cochran stopped by the lamplight, and peered toward what was total blackness from where Ruby half-knelt. From somewhere, he had produced a police flashlight, maybe what he had punched her with before he dragged her out of the jewelry shop. The...

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The Game – Part 2 of 3

Read Part 1 Here Cochran was humiliated but he was even more angry with himself for putting up with her unpredictability. He decided to eliminate this variable from the equation. No more mister nice guy, he told himself. He retreated from the car and pulled his keys...

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Silhouette of Virtue: A Novel

Starting with facts surrounding series of rapes committed in the 1970’s, the book follows Dr. Nathan Rivers, a black philosopher at a midwestern University, on his quest to uncover the truth. This is a an emotional, suspenseful, and sensually rich story of racial mistrust, police power, and the culture wars in Vietnam Era America. Learn more.

Author, philosopher, and one of America’s leading psychopath experts. . . 

JAY RICHARDS, PHD, is a forensic psychologist and expert witness with over thirty years of experience in diagnosing, managing, and studying psychopaths, sex offenders, and mentally disordered offenders.  His fiction explores how people (normal and disordered alike) make choices in a world that is simultaneously predetermined and stultifying—unpredictable and dangerous. His first novel Silhouette of Virtue is based, in part, on actual crimes that occurred on a university campus during the mid-1970s.

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Unpacking Silhouette of Virtue

Professor Clarence Spigner speaks with Jay Richards about his new novel, Silhouette of Virtue, exploring the various deeper themes–psychological, racial, and philosophical–that the Jay has woven into the substratum of the plot.


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